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Cannot connect to server

Had a quick and pleasant exchange the other day with a developer. Seems that they had some missing data, so they decided to register the server in SSMS and look into the matter directly. And that led to this exchange:

Developer: I cannot connect to ServerX. Please fix.

Me: Which database on ServerY are you trying to connect to? Also, please show me the error message.

Developer: DatabaseA. I am using SSMS.

Me: Can you please let me know the error you are getting while trying to connect?

Developer: Finally shows the error, and it only took three emails!

Me: The server name is ServerY instead of ServerX.

Developer: Thanks I will try that instead. It is possible that the load has not completed yet.

So…you are looking for missing data…on a server that does not exist…and the load has not finished yet?

Either you need coffee, or you are a dumbass. Your choice.