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Thanks For Nothing

Working in a dot.com as a dba. This particular dot.com was extremely concerned with getting as much code out the door as humanly possible. They weren’t terribly concerned with the quality of the code or any of the data. We were collecting over a gb of data every day in SQL Server 7.0. To say the least, the system required serious babysitting, monitoring disk space, log space, growth, etc. The DBA’s spent a considerable amount of time, figuring out how best to monitor & respond to the crazed behavior we got in the system. But that didn’t sit well with the business majors running the company (“all from top schools”).

So we got the word one day, stop spending time messing with maintenance and spend more time churning out code with the developers. Less than a week later, one night a strange spike in activity (right after a new code release that we didn’t monitor) filled the log drive. We tried recovering the database, but nothing worked. We spent three straight days in the office, first attempting to get all the data back, then restoring an older backup, then fixing the code that kept breaking the system. After three days without sleep, we had the system back online. Our glorious kid managers didn’t send a thank you or an atta-boy, but they did send an email instructing us to begin monitoring the systems, especially during and after code releases.

All three dba’s quit within three months of that incident and the company went the way of the dodo less than a year later.