SQL Dumbass

Fighting dumbasses, one query at a time…


We have a sql 2005 database server in mexico.  It has a couple dbs on it.  Backups should have been setup on it, right?  Well, no.  No backups.  No maint plan, no backup to tape.

So I go to the db, and create a maint plan.  Simple… let’s backup to the local drive, with sub folders.  Let’s then go and make the cleanup steps for all the db’s.  Simple.  Schedule it, and viola! we have backups!

Couple days or weeks go by, and I check back with the system.  No backups.  Hum… odd…

I look at the job history, and the maint job has failed each and every time.  It simply says it could not start step 1. 
I look into rights?  Is the sql agent configured correctly, running under a good account? Is the owner of the job correct?  Are the steps in the job setup right?  Linked to each other properly?  Anything…

After a while, i give up on that maint plan, and create a new one.  A simple one.  Backup 1 db only.  It fails too.  Same error. 

I finally turn to google with the error message, and come across someone that had a similar problem.  The job step has a property for the package.  It was missing a slash at the beginning of the value.  If i edited the step, and added the slash, all was well…  backups going, job succeeding, universe was righted.

Who’s the dumbass now?  yeah, it was me.