SQL Dumbass

Fighting dumbasses, one query at a time…

Memory equals diskspace divided by four

Frantic developer storms into the office wants to know the meaning of the error that has just appeared on their screen is….the error is something similar to : insufficient memory space in database…

Now, without a sqlcode or msgno or anything else I go off to the magic world of google and BOL looking for an explanation nothing, nada, zilch….  which was really to be expected, I mean thats about as generic as an error can get.  After a while the developer comes back and will not accept my answer of this cant be a real database issue and to come see me when they get a real dbms error code.  So, after a bit of prodding I turn on a sql trace for the developer, guess what shows up in the trace.  not 1 single SQL, at this point the developer is looking beaten and retreats to their office.  A few days later I ask what ever happened to that error and you’d never guess that I was pleasantly surprised at the great story that was told. 

After spending at least a combined 20 hours the developer decides to call the vendor of the application for some support.  the vendor has a great explanation, Apparently this is a common problem, the client disk space cant be a number divisible by four or this error occurs, all we have to do is create a few 100mb text files in the temp directory so that the free space isn’t divisible by 4 and the problem will be solved.  at this point all I can ask is “Are You Kidding Me?”  and sure enough, modifying the disk free space fixes the issue, nope no database problem here.

All in a weeks work I suppose!