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Make Certain It Is DBO

What a nice email today, a developer sent along a request to have some databases migrated and included some details regarding a sql login.

It seems that these databases are part of a vendor application. And it would also seem that this vendor requires this sql account to be a sys admin (of course!)

Well, the developer then goes out of their way at the end of the email to state: “Please also make sure that this sql login is assigned dbo privileges on the databases”.

Sure thing, I would hate to skip that step and have the app cease to function for you. While I am at it, let me add the login to all of the fixed server roles, and not just sys admin, just in case it needs that as well. In the meantime, perhaps you could glance through some documentation regarding database security. After all, you were hired to work with this technology, you might as well have an understanding of what it means to be a sys admin.