SQL Dumbass

Fighting dumbasses, one query at a time…

I geta call from Microsoft today

Gentleman says he is from Microsoft and has a couple questions about Microsoft databases.  He asks if I use the database…. I say yes, and in fact, i am editing a dts as we speak. 

He asks me what versions I have used.  We have both 2000 and 2005.  But nothing yet using 2008, or developers even using a CTP. 

He proceeds to ask me what i like most about the new version, SQL 2007.  No i didn’t typo the 2007.  He asked me that…. I correct him and say 2008.  He makes a crack about how funny the name is, that its 2008, when its being released in 2007… i sigh…

So, now, I am painfully aware of this individuals knowledge of the product…

He continues to ask me weird questions, and i provide apparently confusing answers.

At one point he asks me what my title is.  I respond, DBA.  He tries to guess what the letters stand for… and give a couple good tries, but fails.  As i explain the acronym, my wife cracks up in the background.  Even she knows what it stands for, and was mystified that this person had no idea. 

From there, the call went downhill.  Fun.