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I need the install key

I’m minding my business.  Working on this and that.  And behind me, near me, i hear someone asking for the install key for sql 2005.    I think to ask whats going on, but don’t and get engaged again in what i was doing.
Later that day, i hear someone else asking for the same thing.  Again, i get distracted with real work.
Later even, i overhear someone else asking for it via email and IM.  Then i finaly get an IM from someone, and in passing, they ask for a key…  I ask them why they need it?  Has your install prompted you for the key?  Im my memory, ive never put in a key… I know i have a key on the cd i have at home…  but my memory is fuzy.  ITs been a while since i installed it myself… So i ask the silly question.  Has the installation prompted you for a key?
The dumbfounded response was, “No, I have not yet tried the installation.  I just assumed…”
how many man hours spent on this today?