SQL Dumbass

Fighting dumbasses, one query at a time…

Database log is full…hey database log is full… hey, hey… did you hear me??!!?!?

Database server has little space on 2 drives.  Database is rather large.  Backups can bee way too big.  We use Litespeed to shrink the database backups down.  Even so, backup files are large, compared to the size available.
Something happens and the log file grows way too big.  Backups are kept for 6 days, and hard drive fills up.  Of course this happens Sunday around 10am…
I spend some time removing files, freeing up space.  Enough to get the server limping to Monday.
Monday, i start freeing up space again.  Truncating the log file.  Getting the db ready for the day. 

Production support individual puts in a ticket.  Then stops by my desk.  Tells me, guess what…the log file is full, could i look into it. 

What do i do?  I snap at him.  Inform him ive been working on it all morning… and was working on it Sunday….
Then i go back to cleaning up the mess….