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Change control process and roll documents

Developer creates a roll document.  Listing out all objects that need to be rolled.
When its time to roll to production, we review the document with multiple groups, assuring ourselves and our process that we have covered all the bases.  DBA takes roll document, and performs a sync between UAT environment and Production, syncing only the objects that are listed in the roll document.
Fast forward 1 day….
Production support realizes, thru a belated testing, that some functionality is not present.  Tempers flare.  Developers are blamed.  DBA’s brought in too help troubleshoot the problem….
Fast forward some time….
The roll doc that the DBA used was not the correct version.  While on the group call, the developer made last minute changes to the roll doc.  These changes never made it to the one the DBA used.  Some objects were missed. 
Yeah.  Another dollar.  Another broken process that is blamed on someone other than the creators of the problem.  Makes me want to truncate all data, and delete all users.  Fix that one…